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Meet the “Face-Kini”, the craziest summer beach fashion trend!

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This summer, beaches across China are packed with masked figures that could be mistaken for robbers or Mexican wrestlers! The “Face-Kini” is the new ‘crazy’ beach fashion trend that has hit China beaches.  

A Chinese swimwear store first invented the “Face-Kini” in 2004, after receiving requests from women to protect their “pale and fair” skin. In the past year only, 30,000 “Face-Kinis” were sold across China. 

The Chinese swimwear company designed the “Face-Kini” in order to protect the wearer from the strong sun, and from possible jellyfish stings while swimming. The “Face-Kini” completely covers your neck, face and ears while leaving a hole for the eyes, mouth, and nose.  

If people adopt the the “Face-Kini” as a fashion trend, then it could spread worldwide because this simple cover-up could be a good option to avoid sunburns!

Photo credit: telegraph.co.uk

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