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Medical waste, including syringes and IV bags, among trash found on DB North Plaza beach

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DB residents are being urged to take extra care after medical waste items including syringes, vials, tablets and IV bags have been found washed up at Sam Pak Wan near the North Plaza.

Local resident Moran Zukerman has collected numerous samples of both human and veterinary waste from the beach in recent weeks, with many reportedly bearing mainland Chinese markings and recent date stamps.

Speaking to Around DB, Moran said, “This is beyond a normal issue of littering. It is very sad and very dangerous. Some of the syringes have needles, some do not. It is possible that those needles have been lost somewhere along the way. I’m not the first to see this. We have reached a very bad situation.”

Moran is now working with Southern District Councillor Paul Zimmerman and Tracey Read from plastic Free Seas, both active environmental campaigners, to ensure that the issue is investigated properly and isn’t just a “hot topic for a couple of weeks.”

“We don’t want this to become the norm,” he said. “We don’t just want to provide a temporary solution. We have made a big step forward in locating the source. Together we can try to get some answers.”

Earlier this week, the campaigners delivered a box containing a range of samples to the Environmental Protection Department (EPD) for analysis and investigation including “some fully closed items containing strange-coloured liquid.” They hope that this will help authorities identify the source as well as the contents.

In the meantime, Moran is continuing his crusade to clear Sam Pak Wan of the dangers that continue to appear on the shore. “I go to the beach every day, and every day I find more items. They are being washed up all the time.”

Have you found any items of medical waste on DB’s beaches? Email your stories and photos to us at [email protected].

Images: Moran Zukerman

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