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Lantau’s very own wins 8th in a row at Bonaqua LIFEPROOF Action Sprint DB

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March 6, 2016 Hong Kong – Taking advantage of cool, crisp, overcast-nearly perfect running conditions, the second leg of the Bonaqua LIFEPROOF Action Sprint series was successfully held on Sunday morning at Discovery Bay.


Many of the runners had taken part in the first round of the Sprints, and all showed great confidence at the beginning of the race. At the end of the challenge, Australian North Face Team member Vlad Ixel stood out from the participants with an excellent record of 1 hour 18 minutes 42 seconds, while Zein Williams from the United Kingdom became the women champion with a result of 1 hour 39 minutes 4 seconds.

Australian national HK resident Vlad Ixel, running for The North Face Team, stood out from over 300 participants by leading throughout the race, winning overall in the men’s division. “It was great. Good distance. Enough uphill for me to make some time on those behind me and a little technical downhill that I was happy with and finished off with running in the sea which was quite good fun,” said overall champion Ixel after grabbing top prize in his 1st Bonaqua LIFEPROOF Action Sprint.


UK national and HK resident runner Zein Williams took first prize by finishing the race in 1 hour 39 minutes 4 seconds. It is her 8th gold in a row, having also won, among others, the opening Repulse Bay Bonaqua LIFEPROOF Action Sprint.

FemaleChampionZeinWilliamsRaidlightUnited Kingdom

“I’ve been struggling this week as I’ve been a bit sick, but I had to do this race. It was a really good race, missed the reservoir swim, but made up near the end for a little bit dip in the sea when the course took us along the coastline. The most difficult part for me was crossing the peak of Lo Fu Tau, because it was hot and there was no wind, which made it more challenging. It was a good distance, good format, and good variety! Hoping to keep it up. This is my third year for sprints events and at least 8 races in the last 2 years”, said the 8-time overall women’s winner.

Here are the top five for each category.


Overall Top 5 Men

1. Vlad Ixel – Australia – The North Face- 1:18:42
2. Stefano Passarello – Italy – Italian Running Club- 1:23:24
3. David Woo – United States – Xempower – 1:24:47
4. Seth Fischer – Germany – 1:27:32
5. Michal Francke – Czech Republic – Zizkovsky tygri – 1:27:35


Overall Top 5 Women

1. Zein Williams – Raidlight – United Kingdom – 1:39:04
2. Joyce Edmondson – Canada – 1:44:19
3. Kristin Eagan – Canada – 1:58:22
4. Jinko Takeshige – Japan – 1:59:03
5. Manson Peters – Netherlands – 2:01:55

Bay Media heartily congratulates Lantau residents Zein Williams and Stefano Passarello, as well as all the winners for a job well done at yesterday’s Bonaqua LIFEPROOF Action Sprint RUN!

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