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Lantau emerges relatively unscathed from Typhoon Nida

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Lantau-ers expected the worst this week as Hong Kong’s first T8 of the year approached, with Typhoon Nida initially expected to make a direct hit on South Lantau.

Nida, which skirted 40km northeast of the city, came closest to Hong Kong between 5am and 6am on Tuesday morning, bringing 200mm of rainfall across Lantau. Winds reached up to 150 km per hour at Ngong Ping and 116 km per hour at Chek Lap Kok.

South Lantau Road: Photo by Jingan MacPherson Young

Yat Tung Estate, Tung Chung

Despite the ferocity of the storm, Life on Lantau understands that no major damage or injuries were recorded by Lantau police. For the most part, the island remained relatively unscathed, although a number trees were sadly brought down, with many blocking roads. Some localised flooding was also reported by residents of South Lantau. The photo below was shared by Mui Wo resident Simeon Pang, who had to sweep nearly two inches of water out of his property.

Photo: Simeon Pang

Photos: Frankie Yuen

Fortunately, the expected storm surge on Lantau beaches didn’t come to pass, much to the relief of residents who recalled the major damage caused by Typhoon Hagupit in 2008. According to the Hong Kong Observatory, the highest tide recorded was at Shek Pik, where it reached 2.94 metres.

The storm did, however, leave a fair amount of trash on shorelines around the island. The photos above show the impact Nida had on Cheung Sha Beach. South Lantau residents are now considering calling another community beach clean-up to collect the waste that has been washed up

All tropical cyclone warnings were cancelled by the Observatory at 5.10pm yesterday. Weather is expected to improve over the weekend with mainly fine and very hot weather on Saturday.

Main image: Ivy Montmorency McKerr-Kastan

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