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Lantau beaches swamped with trash

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Lantau residents are calling for the government to act over the swathes of trash that are being washed up on the beaches of South Lantau. The image above was taken at Cheung Sha beach this morning, this despite a massive effort by local residents to clear the sand yesterday.

One of the longest beaches in Hong Kong, Cheung Sha and neighbouring Pui O beach have seen a significant increase in marine debris over the last few weeks.

Reports suggest that heavy rain and flooding in the southern and eastern parts of China, combined with seasonal southwesterly winds, are to blame for the influx, however some residents believe that a landfill site on an island to the south of Lantau may also be contributing to the problem.


Image: Before and after Sunday’s clean-up

In a statement this morning, Lantau resident Sarah Wilson told us, “I’ve never in my 20 years here seen this much rubbish on South Lantau shores.”

Over the weekend, frustrated residents joined forces to tackle the problem, with dozens of people taking part in a massive clean-up operation. Supporting the effort, beachside restaurant The Beach House gave out free refreshments to volunteers on Sunday morning, while Cheung Sha resident and owner of Lantau Grocer, Frankie McYuen, organised another emergency clean-up in the afternoon followed by a free barbecue for volunteers afterwards.

Were you involved in the clean-up over the weekend? Send your photos to us at info@baymedia.com.hk.



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