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Jazz on the beach at Treasure Island Beach Club

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The 2019 edition of Jazz on the Beach, at Treasure Island Beach Club on October 5, was a big hit, filled with positive vibes for Hong Kong, for jazz lovers, for jazz musicians and for everyone who loves chilling out and listening to music by the beach.

“In the last 12 months, Hong Kong and places around the world have struggled with events where people were hurt, pain was caused and relationships were damaged. Yet as humans, we continue to survive and thrive,” says organiser Joyce Peng, of former SoHo music lounge Joyce Is Not Here fame. “With this year’s Jazz on the Beach, we wanted to continue spreading the positive message of ‘Love Wins. Love Always Wins’ through music.”

Internationally celebrated jazz musicians Sybil Thomas and Kevin Guffy performed, along with in-demand local jazz vocalist Elaine Liu. Café 852 also performed live tango, milonga and gypsy music, and band leader Lloyd Yamid with the Fusion Five introduced an international line-up of top Hong Kong-based musicians,  who played an original and innovative set of jazz fusion with a hint of Latin and rock.

As always sustainability and environmental protection was high on Treasure Island Group’s agenda and this year’s Jazz on the Beach was themed ‘Save the environment to save lives and protect our future.’ “Taking care of the environment is not just an obligation – our lives depend on it. We are at the helm to make changes and protect the world we live in. Jazz on the Beach brings together music with this mission,” says Joyce.

“I hope people enjoyed the music and took a moment to reflect on what each one of us can do to protect our environment. Soak in the beautiful sunset, watch the water buffaloes lazing on the beach, and enjoy everything Pui O Beach has to offer. This is what we need to protect.”

Be sure to check out Treasure Island’s next event in Pui O, the Halloween Beach Party on November 1. For more information, visit www.treasureislandhk.com.

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