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Japanese tourists travel to Hong Kong to clean Lantau beaches

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Hong Kong’s coastline has taken a real battering in 2016, with swathes of trash being washed up on our shores. Sadly, whilst levels have reduced somewhat since the height of the crisis in the summer, the problem is far from over, as new waste continues to appear across the territory on a daily basis.

The crisis has prompted a number of beach clean-ups across Lantau and Hong Kong in recent months, including a very impressive effort by a group of Japanese tourists who made a special trip to Hong Kong last week to help clear the beaches of Lantau and Lamma.

The group, made up of 32 volunteers aged 10 to 60+, spent five days in the city from November 25 to 29. During that time, they visited a number of beaches on the islands where they collected an incredible 135 bags of garbage.

And it wasn’t just time and effort that the volunteers put in. Each member of the group financed their own travel, paying in excess of HK10,000 to take part in the trip, which was led by 31-year-old Hiromasa Suzuki, founder of environmental organisation Open Earth.

A renowned eco warrior, Hiromasa first came to Hong Kong in August 2016 to help clean up the masses of waste that were blighting the city. Other environmental projects he has been instrumental in include efforts in India and Inner Mongolia.

From the residents of Lantau, thank you, Hiromasa and your team for the amazing effort you put it. Your kindness is very much appreciated.

Image: Facebook, Hiromasa Suzuki


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