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Jacqui Green named Most Inspiring Woman in Lantau

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PALS founder recognised for her selfless work in the community

Lantau’s neighbourhoods have been home to some genuinely extraordinary people. We witness their generous spirit as they give themselves through remarkable deeds, which have in turn touched many lives and influenced others to do the same.

One such individual is Jacqui Green.

A resident of Mui Wo, Jacqui has been an advocate for protecting Lantau Island’s natural environment for many years.

She founded Protection of Animals Lantau South (PALS) in 1998, which has since remained active in helping rescue injured and abandoned animals, provide them with medical attention, and ultimately, find them a loving home.

Over 200 abandoned animals from across Lantau and Peng Chau are taken in every year at the PALS shelter in Mui Wo.

“I found myself constantly finding kittens in bins around Lantau and simply knew something had to be done,” she says in a 2013 interview. “People forget that animals are sentient creatures; they feel pain, they bleed, they need love and attention just like children do.”

Congratulations to Jacqui Green for being named the most inspiring woman in Lantau!

Jacqui PALS

Bay Media once again thanks everyone for your nominations and votes, as well as co-finalists Kinzie and Okka Scherer for also inspiring our community!

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