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iPhone users urged to update software after spyware hack

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iPhone users are being urged to download a global software update after a failed attempt to access the phone of Arab human rights activist Ahmed Mansoor.

The spyware, believed to have been created by the Israeli based “NSO Group”, was hidden in a link sent via text message. It reportedly took advantage of three previously undisclosed weaknesses in iOS which would enable the hackers to take complete control of a device.

Security company Lookout have said the software is some of the most sophisticated they’ve ever seen.

So far, the hackers have targeted certain high-value individuals including Mr Mansoor and are also believed to have sold the software, known as ‘Pegasus’, on to other groups around the world.

Apple was quick to pick up on the vulnerability, releasing software update iOS 9.3.5 to combat the problem. Users are advised to update their phones as soon as possible and to ensure that they stay up to date with the latest releases at all times.

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