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Indecent assaults on MTR up 21% in first half of 2016

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Indecent assaults on the MTR increased by 21% in the first half of 2016, according to a statement issued by the Railway District Police.The total number of cases rose to 120, up from 99 the previous year. Of the 120 reported incidents, 55 were cases of photos taken up ladies’ skirts.

According to Apple Daily, it is becoming increasingly common for offenders to use smart phones, or recording devices placed in bags or shoes, to take unauthorised, indecent photos of passengers.

From the 55 cases of up-skirt photos, 50 people, aged between 13 and 55 years, were arrested. The victims ranged from 15 to 36 years. Of the 65 indecent assault cases, 40 people, aged between 16 and 73 years, were arrested. The victims, mainly women, ranged from 12 – 54 years.

According to the report, the majority of incidents occurred in crowded carriages, or on the platform or escalator.

Despite the increase in assaults, other offences on the MTR network, such as pickpocketing and shop theft, dropped significantly, leading to an 11.6% reduction in the overall crime rate.

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