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Incidence of theft on the rise at Citygate

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Around noon yesterday, January 26, one of our colleagues at Around DB arrived at a popular cafe in Citygate Outlets, Tung Chung, for a meeting. Roughly 20 minutes after settling down, she noticed that one of her bags had gone missing.

After realizing it had been stolen, she returned to Discovery Bay to get emergency money and cancel her credit cards, which she learned was much easier to do at her bank’s local branch than over the phone. She then made her way to the police station at Tung Chung to file a report.

Police then accessed recent security footage in the vicinity of the theft. Unfortunately, the victim happened to be seated somewhere in the CCTV’s blind spot. Choosing to sit in this particular part of the cafe may have made her a target.

Our colleague learned that in fact there have been many other thefts at Citygate, not only in that particular area but in other places as well, such as the supermarket. Some believe that a group of petty thieves may have been on the prowl at the particular mall.

We at Around DB ask that you remain vigilant and take extra care of your belongings. Should this happen to you, police recommend calling 999 immediately, and to stay put. Local authorities and onsite security will be alerted to your situation and may have a better opportunity to coordinate efforts toward recovering stolen items and apprehending culprits. You will have to report the incident obtain a crime file number at the nearest police station.

If you lose your Hong Kong ID card, you can head straight to the Immigration Tower at Wan Chai to secure a temporary HKID. No appointment is needed. It may also be prudent to cancel your credit cards immediately.

Lantau District Police Headquarters – 1 Shun Tung Road, Tung Chung 3661 1694

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