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Relief efforts are underway in Discovery Bay to aid those in Nepal, India and Bangladesh affected by the devastating 7.8-magnitude earthquake that struck the region on Saturday, April 25.

Uncle Russ owner YB Rai has been quick to act, donating HK$100,000, planning fundraising, and coordinating aid efforts with the Red Cross and other charities.

There will be donation boxes in all Uncle Russ stores throughout Hong Kong, while people can also donate via cheque, made out to the Hong Kong Red Cross South Asia Relief Fund and with Nepal Earthquake written on the back.

All donations are tax deductable.

DB residents Parmila Gurung Christensen and Allan Hjorth Christensen are also heavily involved, planning to collect food, clothing and blankets, and raise money for those in need.

“We are thinking of a Mufti day or bake sales,” Parmila said.

“I was also lucky to meet the Inspector General of Nepal Police’s wife and children in Gurkha Camp in Singapore. I am hoping that I can communicate with them and figure out where help is vital.”

Parmila is planning to travel to Nepal in the coming weeks to volunteer.

Further updates on what is happening will be available on www.arounddb.com and on the Around DB Facebook page.

Our  thoughts and prayers go to the Nepalese, Indian and Bangladeshi communities affected by this disaster.

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