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Hospital Authority warns against fraudulent calls

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The Hospital Authority has advised the public to stay alert against any suspicious calls requesting recipients’ personal details over the phone.

In a press release on June 6,  the HA said it was informed by some patients and their families that they have received calls claiming to be personnel from the HA in the form of pre-recorded messages, asking recipients to provide personal information “in order to collect a document”.

“The HA has already reported the matter to the Police,” the statement read.

The HA said that the HA staff will contact patients by phone, but it will provide relevant information to verify the identity of both parties.

“Members of the public are advised not to disclose personal information during any unidentified phone calls, and report any suspected fraudulent calls to the Police,” it added.

Those who would like to verify calls may also contact the HA at 2300 6555  or visit their website for details.

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