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Hook found in Fusion fish

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On January 22, a DB resident purchased a four-pack of Golden Threadfin Bream fish from Fusion in the Discovery Bay Plaza to make a soup. When eating the soup, the resident allegedly discovered a medium-sized fishhook in one of the fish’s mouths as she bit into it. The resident said she “pulled it out thinking it was just a very long fish bone,” but as she did the hook cut her lip. In her correspondence with Bay Media, the resident questioned how the fish-hook could not have been removed, considering the rest of the fish were well-prepared and cleaned.

The resident is furious about the incident, as she believes the hook could have killed or would have had severe consequences on her health if it was swallowed. She is demanding an investigation into on the cause of the oversight, measures to be put in place so as to prevent this from happening again and an apology from Fusion.  Furthermore, she is contemplating taking legal action against Fusion.

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