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Hong Kongers join forces for massive beach clean-up effort in Discovery Bay

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DB’s community spirit was out in full force on Saturday at two emergency beach clean-ups organised by local environmental group, DB Green.

Both beaches were badly affected by the huge environmental crisis currently affecting Hong Kong beaches and waters, with tonnes of rubbish having been washed up across the territory in recent weeks.

Volunteers from as far away as Aberdeen came together on what turned out to be the hottest day of the year to clear the huge amounts of trash blighting our beautiful beaches. The clean-up started on Saturday morning at Nim Shue Wan near the Kai To ferry pier, before moving to Sam Pak Wan at the North Plaza in the afternoon.

In a Facebook post on Sunday, The DB Green team thanked everyone who got involved, saying “WOW! We can’t express enough our thanks to all those who came to both Nim Shue Wan and Sam Pak Wan beach clean-ups. Kate and Angie are in awe of your efforts!”

Sam Pak Wan before and after the clean-up

Staff from the Environmental Protection Department (EPD) also joined in the effort, with the Food and Environmental Hygiene Department (FEHD) coming back on Sunday to finish cleaning up.

In a statement yesterday, DB Green encouraged residents to try and reduce the amount of plastic they use each day, calling on everyone to “reduce their use of straws, plastic bags, plastic water and drink bottles” which they said “can, and will, go a long way to reducing the waste that ends up here on our beaches.”

Regular beach clean-ups will begin again after the summer break.

Images: Facebook/DB Green

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