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Hong Kong vets need your help

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Malapascua is a small island off the northern coast of Cebu in the Philippines. A popular diving site and beach destination, it hosts a small local community which makes a living through the modest yet growing tourist economy while also relying on subsistence farming and fishing.

The island was one of the many devastated by Typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda.

Among many things the poor rural community lacks is access to veterinary services, leaving it with an unmanaged domestic animal population at risk of disease. A group of veterinarian doctors and nurses from Hong Kong has pledged their help in providing the community with prophylactic medical care.

Hong Kong veterinary professionals plan to spearhead a free neutering/spay program at Malapascua every six months, as well as conduct vaccinations and administer medication for the island’s numerous dogs and cats, many of which come in close contact with young children.

This is a huge undertaking, one they can’t do alone.

Dr. Ivy Cheung of Island Veterinary Services, a member of Doctors Beck & Stone, is one of the organisers. “We can help these people who are trying to do right by their pets but just don’t have the means. It has not been difficult getting veterinary volunteers but we are short on lay staff. We will also need sponsorships for the medication, vaccinations and equipment.”

We would like to invite you to take part. If you are interested in offering your assistance and support, visit https://www.youcaring.com/malapascua-island-cat-and-dog-desexing-506339 or contact Dr. Ivy Cheung for more information. See the ongoing efforts to rebuild Malapascua island at https://www.facebook.com/rebuildmalapascua

Island Veterniary Services is located at DB Plaza, Discovery Bay. You can reach them at 2987 9003.

Photo from subatechphilippines.com


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