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Hong Kong taxis to accept Octopus cards

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Paying for taxis is expected to become easier from next month, with Octopus Hong Kong announcing plans to launch its new e-Payment scheme in cabs this April.

The company is expected to release a tailor-made app for taxi drivers, which would allow passengers to simply tap their Octopus card on a device in order to pay for their journey, encouraging a move away from cash.

Administration fees will be waived for drivers in the first year of the scheme’s launch, however from the second year onwards, 1.5 percent of the transaction fee is expected to go towards Octopus Hong Kong.

The company announced that this fee is necessary due to the demand for a customer care hotline and Octopus service points upon the launch of the app.

A tipping function will also be available for passengers wishing to pay extra for their journey.

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