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Hong Kong taxi fares to rise from April

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Taxi fares in Hong Kong are set to increase from April after the government approved a request from taxi operators to amend pricing.

The new prices, which take effect from April 9, will see the flag fall rate raise by HK$2 across the board, bringing the minimum charge for urban taxis to HK$24, while New Territories and Lantau taxis will start at HK$20.50 and HK$19 respectively.

Incremental charges for each journey will also increase, with first-tier rates increasing by 10 cents and second-tier rates by 20 cents. The new pricing structure is summarised in the table below:


Charges for baggage will also increase from HK$5 to HK$6.

The rate revision is the first in over three years, the last increases having been applied back in December 2013.

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