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Hong Kong Strong: stunning short film captures the soul of the city

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 This is Hong Kong like you’ve never seen before.

Filmmaker Brandon Li travels the world shooting whatever goes on at his current location. Much of his portfolio consists of short films about the countries he’s been to, including Turkey, Indonesia, Japan, Spain, Greece, Bahrain, Australia, and India.

Being half Cantonese, Hong Kong would eventually become the subject of his latest endeavour. Shot over a month leading toward CNY 2016, the fast-paced film takes audiences on what he calls “a roller coaster ride through the city.”

Hong Kong Strong whisks viewers through its diverse cityscape, from the business districts to the industrial areas and beyond. “The architecture is kind of a character in this film because it’s so unique to Hong Kong, and because it changes so much as you go from one part of town to another.”

Many scenes of Hong Kong life and local culture inhabit the film, from religious ceremonies to mahjong games, restaurants and performances. The film shifts from serenity to chaos in a blink, giving audiences a taste of both the familiar and the unexpected.

Hong Kong Strong captures the city’s colour, energy and spirit, in a way that thrills even those who’ve lived in it for long. Brandon reveals that there is much more to learn and discover when seen in a different light.

“It’s fascinating to see the different layers of the city… I wanted to get underneath the skin of Hong Kong.”


Hong Kong Strong by Brandon Li on Vimeo.


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