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Hong Kong snakes

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The Hong Kong Snakes Facebook page, set up by government snake catcher and Pui O resident William Sargent, notched up 10,000 members in September. A fantastic resource for local ophiophilists, it’s filled with photos and videos of snakes, most posted by people seeking help to identify a species.

“Next time you see a snake take a photo and share it with us! This is the place for those interested to learn more about these fascinating and misunderstood creatures,” says William.

To celebrate reaching its 10,000-member milestone, Hong Kong Snakes is holding a Simply Giving fundraiser for Kadoorie Farm Botanical Garden (KFBG). At the time of going to press, the group has already collected over HK$50,000, which far exceeds its HK$10,000 target.

“KFBG is Hong Kong’s most important wildlife conservation and education agency raising awareness of ecological and sustainability issues, and undertaking species conservation and ecosystem restoration in Hong Kong and South China,” says William. “It plays a unique and critical role for Hong Kong (a hub for wildlife smuggling) in conservation and education. The Snake Handling Facility sees over 1,000 stray snake deliveries from the police annually, most of which are safely released after health checks. KFBG also deals with all the captured snakes (which used to be killed) and other exotic/endangered animals that turn up in the territory.”

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