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Hong Kong ranked fifth in Lonely Planet’s Best In Asia list

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Hong Kong has been named the fifth best place to visit in Asia by Lonely Planet in their Best in Asia index. The list, topped by Hokkaido in Japan, features the leading travel guide’s top ten picks for Asian destinations in the coming year.

However it’s not the usual tourist spots that have helped Hong Kong make the grade. Despite noting how Hong Kong’s “skyward-bound metropolis always beguiles with a blend of culture, cuisine and consumerism”, they’ve focused their attention on the city’s natural heritage instead, specifically, the UNESCO designated geopark located in the East and Northeast New Territories.

Currently, 43% of Hong Kong’s land area has been designated as protected green areas by the Environmental Protection Department and Lonely Planet describes the park as “the crowning glory of the city’s natural spaces” in their Seven reasons to explore Hong Kong Global Geopark right now.

The park, covering a 50-sqare-km area in the north east of Hong Kong, abounds with the territory’s geological heritage including the Sai Kung Volcanic Rock Region, Northeast New Territories Sedimentary Rock Region and other striking landforms.

We always knew Hong Kong was amazing, and it seems Lonely Planet agrees with us! For more information on free guided tours of the geopark, click here.



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