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Hong Kong plummets to 44th place in list of top destinations for expats

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Hong Kong has been ranked 44th out of a list of 67 countries in terms of the best places for expats to live, according to a new survey published this week.

Now in its third year, the InterNations 2016 Expat Insider Survey covers a range of topics, including financial factors, education, family life and general happiness.

Down 18 places from its overall ranking in 2015, and 34 places from 2014, Hong Kong fared well when it came to personal safety, however the high cost of living impacted on overall satisfaction, the city ranking 66th in the Cost of Living Index, with only Nigeria deemed to be more expensive.

Those surveyed, however, regarded Hong Kong’s taxation system and wages as a benefit, with 20% of those who chose to disclose their financial situation reporting a wage of over US$250,000 per year. Job satisfaction and security also scored favourably, 76% of those surveyed stating that they were happy with the state of the economy, although work-life balance was seen to be poor, with Hong Kong ranking a disappointing 59th due to long working hours.

Other areas to perform well included Travel and Transport, with only Singapore scoring higher, and Quality of Education, although the cost of that education and its challenges in terms of availability meant that Hong Kong placed just 37th in terms of overall quality of family life.

To view the results in full, head to the InterNations website.

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