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Hong Kong opens first sludge treatment facility

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Marking a progressive leap in converting waste to energy, Hong Kong’s first self-sufficient sludge treatment facility, dubbed T•PARK, opened yesterday, May 19. Chief Executive CY Leung led the ceremony.

Located in Tsang Tsui, north-western Tuen Mun, the park is one of the most technologically advanced projects of its kind in the world. Capable of treating 2,000 tonnes of sludge daily, it also houses power generation and desalination plants, and also serves as an educational, ecological and recreational hub.

Key to Hong Kong’s waste management strategy is the transformation of waste into energy, hence the name T•PARK, revealed Hong Kong Secretary for the Environment KS Wong. Transforming the region into a low-carbon city in the face of climate change would require a united effort of saving energy and reducing waste.

T•PARK’s advanced incineration system reduces sludge by 90%, converting the remainder into ash and residues which dramatically reduces landfill deposits, as well as greenhouse gas emission by up to 260,000 tonnes a year.

Heat generated from incineration is recovered to generate electricity for on-site needs, and an energy surplus that can power up to 4,000 households. Three on-site spa pools are warmed by recovered heat energy.

Wastewater is treated and reused for irrigation, flushing and cleaning, as is collected rainwater. The park’s seawater desalination plant produces fresh water for on-site use.

T•PARK is open to the public. Its recreational facilities include many gardens, an information theatre, an educational gallery and exhibition hall, a cafe, and a wildlife sanctuary. Guided tours are also offered. A shuttle bus service to and from Tuen Mun City Centre is made available upon pre-registration. More information can be found on the park’s website.

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