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Hong Kong criticised by WWF for ecological impact

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Hong Kong’s ecological footprint was brought into sharp focus last week in a statement issued by the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF).

The statement comes in response to the WWF’s Living Planet Report 2016, which considers the impact that humans have on the environment. It warns that although Hong Kong is “famous for being a ‘paradise for consumers’,” our consumption patterns are “unsustainable” and are “driving the decline of species across the planet,” estimating that 76% of Hong Kong’s ecological footprint can be attributed to daily consumption at the individual, family and company level.

Reacting to the report, Peter Cornthwaite, Chief Executive Officer of WWF-Hong Kong, said, “Our planet is now at a crossroads – populations of even the most iconic species are plummeting, and our demand for renewable natural resources, globally and in Hong Kong, is increasing at a staggering rate. However, solving these problems is now firmly within our grasp – we know more than ever about these challenges and we know what we can do to alleviate them. Now, it rests with all of us to act. Hong Kong can turn these issues into opportunities to transform our city into the most sustainable one in Asia.”

WWF-Hong Kong is now calling on the government to provide more incentives to individuals and business to drive sustainable trade and consumption, and a petition has been launched for the public to demonstrate their support. To sign the petition, go to https://apps.wwf.org.hk/support/SDC-petition/en

Image: www.wwf.org.hk

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