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Hong Kong and Guangdong sign deal to tackle water pollution crisis in the city

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Chief Executive CY Leung has signed an agreement with Guangdong Governor Zhu Xiaodan to work towards tackling the water pollution crisis in Hong Kong.

The agreement, signed during the 9th Plenary of the Hong Kong-Guangdong Cooperation Joint Conference in Guangzhou this week, requires both sides to monitor the rubbish situation and work in cooperation to prevent mainland rubbish from being washed up on Hong Kong’s shores.

Residents were shocked earlier this summer, when huge amounts of trash including wrappers, cups, bags, shoes and even medical waste, began to wash up on the territory’s beaches. Whilst some of the litter came from local sources, a large proportion was identified as mainland waste, having washed down from the Pearl River Delta.

The new agreement will come as welcome news to environmental campaigners, who have been lobbying the government to put concrete action plans in place to tackle the issue.

In addition to environmental protection matters, Leung and Xiaodan also signed agreements in the sectors of health, education, food safety, tourism and the Belt & Road Initiative, a development strategy that was launched by the Chinese government with the intention of promoting international economic co-operation.

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