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HK Airport installs world’s first full-body disinfection facility

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The Hong Kong International Airport is taking health and travel safety measures up a notch after becoming the world’s first airport to install a full-body disinfection channel facility dubbed “CLeanTech”.

The facility is currently being used by staff  with quarantine duties tending to arriving passengers at the airport. Persons using the technology will first have their temperature taken before entering an enclosed channel where a 40-second disinfection and sanitizing procedure takes place.

The interior surface of the channel is said to be equipped with antimicrobial coating, which can remotely kill virus and bacteria on human bodies and clothing by using the technologies of photocatalyst and nano needles. The channel is kept under negative pressure to prevent cross-contamination between the external and internal environment.

Earlier and also a world’s first, the HKIA deployed self-driving robot cleaners  called “Whiz” and “Intelligent Sterilizatoin Robot” (ISR) ,which were developed in Hong Kong, and are being used to sanitize and clean public areas such as toilets and key operating areas at the airport’s terminal building.

The bots are reportedly equipped with ultra violet light sterilizer and air sterilizer, which can kill 99.99 percent of bacteria in 10 minutes. Meanwhile, the airport also launched a pilot test of applying antimicrobial coating at all passenger facilities. Airport authorities are mulling over implementing it as a long-term measure after the trial in May.

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