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Hiking accidents yesterday on Lantau hills

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Yesterday afternoon, two hiking accidents were reported to the Lantau police.

One was sadly a fatal accident. It occurred around lunch time yesterday when a man, hiking alone, was found unconscious by a group of six hikers near the top of Lantau Peak.

According to the Police report, the 59-year-old man, surnamed Chow, probably collapsed while hiking alone around Lantau Peak. Sadly, the hikers who found him arrived too late to save him! The man was airlifted to Pamela Youde Hospital in Chai Wan but was certified dead when he arrived at the hospital.

Also reported by the Police, another accident involving a 45-year old female hiker occurred yesterday in the Lantau North Country Park. She fell and got injured. She was taken to North Lantau Hospital for treatment.

The Police is urging all hikers to pay extra attention when hiking alone.

A few tips if you decide to hike alone:

Know the area well. Don’t try a new route when it’s getting dark!

Be responsible and tell someone of your whereabouts

Check the weather report before leaving for your hike.

Choose a trail that sees lots of foot traffic

Know your limitations: don’t overdo it!.

Stick to the path; don’t take a wrong turn!

Bring supplies: sweater, snack, map, maybe a first-aid kit, and lots of water if it’s very hot!

Listen to that nagging voice in the back of your head; if you think it’s a bad idea, don’t do it!



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