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Helper Appreciation Month giveaway – Part 2

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In this, the second part of our feature on nomniations for our Helper Appreciation Month giveaway, we bring you more heart-warming quotes from grateful employers.

This May, Around DB and Life On Lantau teamed up with ethical helper agency Maid For You to give one lucky helper a chance to have a great day out. The prize, sponsored by Maid For You, comprises a $300 cinema voucher and a $400 Pizza Express voucher. In order to enter, employers were encouraged to share a few words about why their helpers are so special, and why they would like them to win the prize.

Maricel, nominated by Yael Marwah

Yael told us, “Maricel is so special because of her kind and thoughtful spirit. She exemplifies warmth, patience and kindness especially through hard times. Her smile is genuine and her care for others is an example to those around her. I’m so thankful for her presence in our lives!”

Joy, nominated by Alfreda 

Alfreda emailed to say, “Joy is our rock and just helps everything at home run so smoothly. She is a terrific cook and keeps us all healthy with her great ideas.”

Urmilla, nominated by Luna Thind

Luna said, “[Urmilla] is super sweet and hardworking. She gets along very well with our sons and our dog. We love having her as a part of our family.”

Christina, nominated by Chauvon Venick

Chauvon contacted us to say, “From morning till night [Christina] works with a smile on her face, never complaining, always sweet. She is humble and kind and truely a gift to our family. She deserves a wonderful day out and I hope she wins!”

Florence, nominated by Irene Pappas 

Irene told us, “Florence basically ran our household during the three months I couldn’t walk after an operation. Since she is a trained physiotherapist, her care helped speed my recovery – we call her Florence Nightingale or Saint Florence. She provides nutritious meals for two teenage bottomless pits, keeps the house spotless and is a leader in her church. While working for us, her brother sadly passed away but she was unable to attend the funeral. Florence comes from a family of ten. Her holiday comes up next month so she will spend time with her siblings and nieces and nephews. She is a great support for them and an inspiration to all who meet her.”

Theresa, nominated by Amy

Amy said, “Our helper is one in a million! She is loving, caring, and extremely thoughtful. She loves and cares for our family like she would her own and we are so grateful she continues to do so. Mrs Theresa really deserves this special treat.”

Adoracion, nominated by Gemmarie Ho

Gammarie emailed to say, “[Adoracion] has dedicated 34 years of service in total to my family in Discovery Bay! She was employed by my mum and dad before I was born and now she is employed by my husband and I, and loves cares for our little girl Olivia. She is always happy, ready to listen without judgement, and help in any way possible with our family and beyond. She truly is the most selfless little lady.”

Vivian, nominated by Rose Devas

Rose told us, “Vivian is the best helper because she managed to get used to our family’s crazy life in a few weeks and although she has been with us for only six months, we have the feeling that she has always been with us. She cooks the best lasagna in the world, she can teach different languages to our kids, and she let us witness her beautiful wedding in March in Hong Kong Park!”

Julie, nominated by Sonica Singh

Sonica emailed us to say, “Our helper of seven years, Julie Itang, has taught our family how to be humble, cheerful and selfless. She prefers to spend time with us even on her days off and even finds ways to Skype our son from the Philippines. We would love for her to enjoy her time like she truly deserves and I hope she knows she is appreciated beyond measure!”

Maribell, nominated by Liz Thomas

Liz said, “Maribell makes it possible for me to ‘have it all’, even though she has given up so much to be here so she can support her parents, children and grandchildren at home. I’m a full-time working mama, and am lucky to have complete faith that my children are loved, cherished and cared for when I am away from home. Then when I do get back: my home is clean, most chores are done and I can spend the precious hours I do have fully focused on them. Put simply: I get to make beautiful memories with my babies, while she forgoes hers and yet she is always, always smiling.”

Racquel, nominated by Sanja Bernard

Sanja told us, “Racquel has been with us for seven years but it feels like a life time! We can’t imagine our lives without her. She genuinely cared with so much love, patience and understanding for our dogs Louie and Charlie, my husband Paul and l…our home that equally became her home as well, and all our family and guests who passed through our house for the past seven years. Endless hours of hiking with our pups up the Peak and now around DB brought so much joy to us all, including her. The pups made new friends and Racquel as well. She was amazing with meeting new people and new doggies everywhere she went. Her dedication to all tasks given is remarkable. Her drive to do the best in anything that she is doing: cleaning, ironing, or cooking is admirable! Her passion for life and love is beyond beautiful. Her smile and energy would make any bad moment or hour or day nothing but the ray of sunshine. Her belief in good in people and animals made her being loved by many! The moment she entered our home we knew she belonged with our family and seven years after we couldn’t wish for more beautiful and loving person to be a part of our lives. No matter where life takes us Racquel will remain a member of our family.”

Joan, nominated by Marion

Marion said, “Joan is a big help to our family. She helps around the house, helps take care of the kids and is also our walking karaoke as she loves to sing and sings all the time! What we love about Joan is the child in her – she never lost it like most grown ups, including me. She plays with the kids, laughs with them and even gets the most excited when there’s a new toy. This is the reason why my kids love her.”

Lea, nominated by Vivian

Vivian told us, “Lea is a lovely lady. She is dedicated, hard-working, and trustworthy. And all kids love her! Everybody is happy around her and my son loves her so much!”

Lyn and Sharon, nominated by Kathrin Fanelsa

“Our domestic helper Sharon is a fantastic cook/ chef, way better than I am. Not only she serves truly beautiful meals to our family of six, she always does it with lots of passion and love for food. Also we admire her ambitions to study hard for her degrees at HKU besides her busy work as a domestic helper. Thumbs up for Sharon! Our second domestic helper Lyn is great at working in a team with Sharon. The two ladies compliment each other perfectly. We have four children and Lyn has a really nice and kind personality which makes it easy to be around smaller but also bigger children. Very rare! All smiles for Lyn! Therefore we must say our family is very fortunate to have these two great and hard working women around us!”

Thank you to everyone who nominated all of these wonderful ladies! Keep an eye out for the announcement of the winner on the Around DB website later this week!

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