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Helper Appreciation Month giveaway – Part 1

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In celebration of Helper Appreciation Month, Around DB and Life On Lantau teamed up with ethical helper agency Maid For You this May to offer one lucky domestic helper the chance to win a great day out in Hong Kong.

The prize, sponsored by Maid For You, comprises a $300 cinema voucher and a $400 Pizza Express voucher. In order to enter, employers were encouraged to share a few words about why their helpers are so special, and why they would like them to win the prize.

Olivia, nominated by Angel Chang

Angel told us,”I would like to nominate my helper Olivia. She has helped me in so many ways that even complementing words are not strong enough to describe. Without her I think I would likely go manically berserk and then drop dead of exhaustion. I really hope Olivia could win this lucky draw. She definitely deserves a treat.”

Maribeth, nominated by Joanne Li

Joanne emailed to say, “Why is my helper amazing? I can write an essay but in 1-2 sentences….here we go…. Maribeth makes massive sacrifices for her children and family by looking after my daughter and my family like her own. She is our rock, nanny, chef, housekeeper, electrician, gardener, tailor but most importantly, she is our family.”

Grace, nominated by Laurau Shepherd

Laura said, “I would like to nominate my helper Grace, who has worked tirelessly for us for the last seven years and cared for our children like her own.”

Rina, nominated by Sarah Knight

Sarah emailed us to say, “I would like to nominate my helper to win the movie and pizza vouchers for helper appreciation month. This is because Rina has so much love and patience not just for my children, but also for me. She takes care of me like a mother and when she came into our home, it was like my boys got an extra parent to love them. We are truly blessed.”

Sanie, nominated by Erika Cianfarani

Erika said, “Sanie is best friend, teacher and listener to my two sons and without Sanie in their lives their worlds would not be as bright. She helped us through a difficult time when our youngest son was born premature and her love and support for our family was a blessing.”

Gina, nominated by Fiona Phillips

Fiona told us, “Our Helper Gina comes to work with a smile every day, invites our dog Ted into her bed when we go on holiday so he doesn’t feel lonely and spends hours laughing with our baby boy Rufus. At the same time, she tries to support any of her friends in the helper community, finding them work, helping with their problems and encouraging them to do things like budgeting courses rather than sit on walkways at the weekend. She supports a very large family at home in the Philippines and she doesn’t often get treated.”

Naisa, nominated by Maureen Gundlach

Maureen emailed to say, “Naisa is so nice! Our baby Finnian is so well looked after by her. He is our first baby so it’s nice to have a child care expert in the house…at least someone knows what they’re doing!  They already have a nice relationship.”

Mardy, nominated by Lieke Rookmaaker

Lieke contacted us to say, “I want to sign up our helper Mardy for the May appreciation month. Not only is Mardy a fantastic helper and the best auntie ever to our two girls, she greets us with a big smile every day again. And this while her two girls are not living with her but are in the Philippines and she misses them 24/7. Mardy is always very generous to her friends and is looking forward to sharing this prize with her good friends in DB.”

Matel, nominated by Nina Gelladuga

Nina said, “I nominate Matel! She is wonderful to our daughter Una. She has a daughter the same age as my daughter so I understand the sacrifice she has made just to be able to work here. My husband and I are both working full time and I don’t know how we could manage our household without her help.”

Lilian, nominated by Danielle Veilleux

Danielle told us, “I’d like to nominate our lovely helper Lilian Tamayo. She has really helped us to settle in to our new lives in DB, HK. From cooking to cleaning to looking after our dog and cat, but the best part of having Lilian join our family is that she’s become my daughter’s greatest friend!”

Lyn, nominated by Dave Watt

Talking about Lyn, Dave said, “An integral part of our family, she provides support whenever needed, is a great roll model for our two young daughters and never fails to amaze us with her selfless sacrifice to help her children and family back home. Along with her great work, Lyn always strives to improve herself, taking part in cooking classes, tennis lessons and never one to say no to any challenge.”

Marietta, nominated by Tracey Read 

Tracey contacted us to say, “Marietta’s tireless and uncomplaining efforts to support our beach cleanups over the years has been incredible. I would love to see her publicly rewarded – she definitely deserves it! DB Green and Plastic Free Seas frontline volunteers often get praised for the visible work we do organising beach cleanup events but a lot of praise goes to Marietta Esteban as she has washed and paired up many, many thousands of cotton gloves we have used and reuse to clean the beaches over the last 10 years.”

Elvie, nominated by Alfreda

Alfreda said, “Our lovely helper Elvie works magic with my twin boys. She knows how to calm them down and is very patient and controlled, which is just amazing with two boisterous three-year-olds.”

Look out for more nominations coming in part 2, and find out who the lucky winner is later this week!

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