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Help stop the use of plastic microbeads in skin care products

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A few days ago, DB based charity Plastic Free Seas launched their first petition to stop the use of plastic microbeads in skin care and they need your support.

As explained by DB resident Dana Winograd from Plastic Free Seas, “tiny plastic microbeads are used ubiquitously in face and body scrubs. There are many alternatives but companies choose to use plastic. The beads get washed out to sea from our sinks, they don’t breakdown but they do absorb toxic chemicals and they are being eaten by marine life.”
“The HK Govt. knows about this issue and they have said unless there is public pressure they will not do anything as there are other ‘bigger’ problems.  This is a big problem though and one that can only be effectively dealt with through legislation.”
Dana and her team believe that if HK can change the laws on importation then companies will have to change their ingredients to continue business here. A change of ingredients does not just benefit HK but will mean plastic microbead free products will then be sold all around Asia. A win in HK is a big win for our shared waterways.
States in the US and the Canadian government are currently pushing through new legislation on microbeads. All of the world’s oceans are connected – plastic marine pollution affects everyone. 
If you would like to support this campaign, you can sign Plastic Free Seas’ petition: 

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