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Help locate this wounded buffalo

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If you live in Mui Wo and see this wounded buffalo, you should call 8103 6013.

As explained by South Lantau resident Loy Ho: “A male water buffalo from Mui Wo was found with his right  eye injured (possibly from bull fight) on Friday evening.”

Due to lack of vets available in the area, the injured buffalo has not been treated yet and it would seem that his eye is now infected!

It’s therefore important to find him soon and make sure a vet can treat him on time.

If you live around Mui Wo, Wang Tong, Pak Ngau Heung, Lok Dei Tong, or Silvermine beach, you may be able to help locate this wounded buffalo.

Take a photo of his right eye if you see him  and call 8103 6013 (leave a message if the call is not answered, and they will get back to you as soon as possible.), or email [email protected]

As Loy says: “We hope to find him before 4pm today, or we will miss the cattle team’s duty hour.” If the infection gets worse, the buffalo may lose his eye’s vision.


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