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Hectic weekend in DB

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There was action aplenty in Discovery Bay on Saturday, with a sailing boat capsizing in the water off the Auberge and a burglary taking place in Seahorse Lane.

A helicopter, four rescue boats, ambulances, fire engines and police all sprang into action when it was reported a boat had overturned on Saturday afternoon.

The chopper was called in to locate the troubled vessel and its occupants thankfully escaped the situation without injury.

Earlier on Saturday, a foreign couple who have only recently moved to DB had computer equipment stolen from their apartment in Seahorse Lane.

According to Security Liaison Group convener Francis Chiu, the couple went out in the morning and returned in the afternoon to discover their apartment had been forcibly entered.

The police have classified the incident as a burglary. If you have more details on what transpired in DB on Saturday, please let us know so we can inform our readers.

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