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Hear domestic workers’ song to their children hundreds of miles away

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A significant part of Hong Kong’s migrant population consists of domestic workers, a sector that provides flexibility and support for families in the busy city.

Many of them are mothers who made the hard choice of being separated from their children for years in order to provide their needs. Because of the lack of opportunity, these women, many of whom are educated and qualified professionals in a number of industries including education, finance, and medicine, now work as nannies and caregivers in a distant country.

In 2014, Performing Arts Director Jane Engelmann assembled a choir, currently comprising more than 70 overseas foreign workers. The group came to be known as the Unsung Heroes. Their inspirational performances have paid tribute to the often underappreciated sacrifice helpers make by working far away from their families.

The Unsung Heroes will be featured in the forthcoming documentary “The Helper”, which tells the individual stories of these brave women as they endure hardships and heartbreak for their children back home.

Here is their theme song, “I Wish I Could Kiss You Goodnight”, with original music and lyrics Composed by Jane Engelmann. The ballad is dedicated to the children who had to grow up away from their mothers, as well as to the workers who only and constantly have their loved ones in mind.

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