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Gone too soon: Singaporean student jumps to his death

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Adding to the alarming number of recent suicides in Hong Kong, a 14-year-old Singaporean student leapt to his death in Tai Tam on January 18. This is the second student suicide in Hong Kong this month and the tenth since the beginning of the school year.

Lin Yang Kai, who attended Hong Kong International School, was at home at around 10 PM when a heated argument with his father regarding his school performance took place. He jumped out of his bedroom window at around 1 A.M., after his family had gone to sleep.

This tragedy occurred following similar incidents just a few weeks into 2016. A 15-year-old student from Tsuen Wan hung himself on January 4. A report by the South China Morning Post (www.SCMP.com) in July 2015 cites a study which reveals that more Hong Kong children commit suicide than die in accidents.

Depression and anxiety are serious concerns. If you or anyone you know are experiencing such difficulties, it is important to seek immediate help. Non-profit organisation The Samaritans (samaritans.org.hk) is dedicated to suicide prevention and providing emotional support for those in distress. You can reach one of their counsellors at their 24-Hour multilingual hotline 2896 0000.

Photo from Junk Food Info (https://junkfoodinfo.wordpress.com/2012/12/02/junk-food-linked-to-depression-in-adults/)

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