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Food alerts: Second ban on imported milk, new bans on veggies, alcohol

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A second ban has been placed on imported milk from Australian brand Pura, by the Centre for Food Safety.

The Centre announced yesterday it reinstated an import ban on three milk products after testing on Pura Fresh Australian Milk revealed bacteria levels exceeding the legal limit.

The affected products are Pura Fresh Australian Milk, Pura Slim Milk Drink and Pura Hi-Lo High Calcium Low Fat Milk Drink.

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The Centre had previously suspended imports in May when a batch of Pura Slim Milk Drink was found to have an excessive bacterial count.

It had lifted the import ban in August. The batch of Pura Fresh Australian Milk found to have excessive bacteria levels was the first product to be imported following the ban being lifted.

A Centre spokesman said the test results showed hygiene levels were not satisfactory but did not mean consumption would lead to food poisoning.

Meanwhile, the Centre has also found two choi sum samples to have excessive levels of pesticide residue at import level.

The levels were not likely to cause adverse health effects but the public is urged to take precautions such as washing the product, boiling it well and removing outer leaves.

The Centre also urged the public not to consume a batch of French alcohol – Steinobstbrand Kirsch – found to have high levels of ethyl carbamate.


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