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Fly Cathay Pacific with a Hong Kong Airlines ticket

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A woman arrived in Hong Kong from Taiwan early last month on the wrong plane, under a different name.

The woman, surnamed Hong, checked in at the Cathay Pacific kiosk at Taoyuan Airport in Taipei, early in February. Her boyfriend had previously booked her on a roundtrip flight to Hong Kong — from Hong Kong Airlines.

Nonetheless, she boarded a Cathay Pacific plane and arrived in Hong Kong encountering no problems, nor any trouble from immigration officials, or airline personnel.

The blunder only came to light when Hong’s boyfriend received a notification from Hong Kong Airlines that she was a no-show at Taipei. It was then discovered that for her inbound flight to Hong Kong, she had been issued a boarding pass for a passenger with the same surname. The passenger also happened to be male.

19.02.16 wrong flight HKA

A Cathay Pacific spokeswoman confirmed the error on Friday, stating that check-in procedures are being reviewed to prevent any similar incident. The affair has cast doubt on the state of Taiwan’s air travel security.

Cathay Pacific coordinated with Hong Kong Airlines to arrange Hong’s return trip to Taiwan. For her trouble, she was offered use of Cathay Pacific’s VIP lounge for her next international flight.

Photos from commons.wikimedia.org.


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