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Female scalloped hammerhead shark dies at Ocean Park

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If you were planning to visit Ocean Park in the next couple of days, take note that The Grand Aquarium exhibit may be closed as a female scalloped hammerhead shark was found dead yesterday morning.

According to a report released by Ocean Park, the exact cause of the shark’s death is still unconfirmed, with histopathology tests still pending.

In 2013, six hammerhead sharks were found dead at the park within seven hours, due to an over-exposure of ozone byproduct caused by equipment malfunction.

Members of the public may begin raising concerns over the confines of the threatened species, with this incident coming just days after the Empty the Tanks protest by animal welfare activists, staged during the opening of the MTR’s new South Island Line, which services Ocean Park.

The Empty the Tanks campaign in Hong Kong aims to educate the public about the captivity industry, particularly in response to Ocean Park’s captive breeding of marine animals.

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