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February 14 tragedy: Three-year-old girl dies in fall

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A three-year-old Filipino girl suffered fatal injuries after falling several storeys from a building in Yau Ma Tei last Sunday.

Isabelle, the elder of two children, was with her family at Sunbeam Commercial Building, 469 Nathan Road, where they attended church services, according to Apple Daily.

She had apparently fallen out the window of a nearby restroom at Arrow Employment Services, which had offices on the 16th floor. The girl was found unconscious on a 4th floor podium of the building overlooking Arthur Street, around 1.45pm.

She was rushed to Kwong Wah Hospital, where she was later pronounced dead.

Isabelle’s mother was subsequently arrested on suspicion of negligence. Around the time of the accident, she was inside the employment agency with the youngest child, aged one, unaware of where Isabelle was. Her father, a pastor, had gone to the restroom half-an-hour prior, before heading downstairs.

The girl was suspected to have wandered off to look for her father, who would accompany her to the same restroom when visiting the agency, where they regularly attended the weekly church services. Her father however had already left when she entered the unlocked restroom.

Police found shoeprints on the toilet tank and window sill in one of the restroom’s cubicles. The window, which had no grilles, was open.

Investigation is ongoing; thus far police have found no suspicious circumstances, according to The Standard.

Photos from Apple Daily and Citybus & NWFB


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