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Farm to Table in Mui Wo

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Organised by the Land Education Foundation and the Lantau Society, and funded by the Environment and Conservation Fund, Mui Wo Farm to Table Agriculture Community aims to create an attractive market for farm-to-table dining by boosting people’s understanding of the different types of community farms and local ecology. The programme includes farming workshops, cook-and-learn activities, periodic agro-ecology and farm-to-table guided tours.

The Mui Wo Farm to Table Agriculture Community’s new ambassador training programme sees individuals learn about farmland ecology, biodiversity, plant and animal relationships and the history and culture of the rural village. After training, participants will serve as guides on the various tours and workshops.

Through its work, the Mui Wo Farm to Table Agriculture Community aims to encourage residents, as well as visitors from across Hong Kong, to know more about Lantau’s agriculture, ecology and rich biodiversity.

“Eco tours see participants visiting farmlands to learn about the ecological habitat, different species and the growing process of crops. They then get to enjoy a meal made with Mui Wo’s vegetables,” project representative Tiffany Lam says.

Eco tours and cook-and-learn activities, in English and Cantonese, will be available to the public from January. For more information, look to the Mui Wo Farm to Table Facebook page.

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