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Suspected ‘fake’ rice found in two Hong Kong restaurants

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Be careful what you eat as two local restaurants in Hong Kong are currently under investigation by the Food and Environmental Hygiene Department (FEHD) for serving ‘fake’ rice.

The warning came after a woman dining at Tao Heung Restaurant in Mong Kok said she had felt a “strange” texture in her rice. She claims that the grains of rice were of “elastic” texture and posted this photo on her Facebook page which so far has been viewed over 800 times.

She reported the incident to the FEHD, who collected samples of the rice for investigation. Results have yet to be released by the department.

A similar incident was reported at a restaurant on Queen’s Road West, Sai Wan, where a man disclosed to Apple Daily that the grains in his order of steamed rice with minced pork and salted duck egg were “tough and inedible”. The man also complained of stomach discomfort after the meal.

An FEHD spokesperson has confirmed that a complaint was received against the Sai Wan restaurant and that they would follow up on the case.

Photos: Apple Daily

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