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‘Fake rice’ alert in Discovery Bay

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DBers may wish to check the rice in their cupboards after a recent Facebook post warned residents to be vigilant to the possibility of ‘fake’ rice in a bag that had been bought locally.

The post, which has had over 100 interactions since July 1, shows pictures of the rice in question on the supermarket shelf, alongside a close up of the suspect grains. The samples were returned to the supermarket who promised to take immediate follow-up action.

It was estimated that as much as 10% of the sample contained grains that were similar to ‘plastic or foam’, which if true would mean that they are not fit for human consumption.

Responding to the post, concerned residents pointed out that the brand of rice in question used to be marketed as Thai, however the packet no longer references Thailand as the source for the rice. Many said that they had also spotted questionable grains in bags of the same brand.

While most people are assuming the grains to be synthetic, others suggested that it could just be a case of natural variations within the rice grains and a lack of quality control.

Around DB magazine previously reported on ‘fake’ rice in January, when a woman took to Facebook expressing concerns that the rice she was served at a Mong Kok restaurant was not safe to eat. Samples of the food were taken by the Food and Environmental Health Department, and results from lab tests returned nothing to be concerned about.

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