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Dyed water linked to fire tank seepage test, says DB Management

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The Discovery Bay Services Management says the dyed water from the drainage channel next to the inclined lift at Chianti on November 19 was linked to a seepage test that was being conducted in one of the fire service tanks in a Discovery Bay village.
A concerned citizen had reached out to Around DB on the day of the incident, sharing photos of purple water flowing down a drainage channel, which were reportedly taken at around 3:25p.m. And photos of the dyed water reportedly leaking to nearby beaches at the DB North Plaza area were widely shared on social media.
In an email response to Around DB on November 20, a City Management spokesperson said the incident was “likely caused by unmindful individual labourers handling such disposal”.
“City Management has already reminded concerned labourers on proper disposal and will tighten monitoring in the future,” said the spokesperson.
The City Management said it will look for alternate testing or discharging method to avoid any concerns in future.
“It is a common practice for the industry, even the government, to carry out dye tests for water seepage and leakage cases,” said the spokesperson.  “As advised by the supplier, the dye, which meets relevant regulations, is made by environmental friendly materials, not harmful, and can be diluted in water.”
Around DB has reached out to the Environmental Protection Department on this matter.

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