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Dog rescued from the 10th floor of a building

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A dog was rescued from the 10th floor of a building on Feb 17 thanks to the SPCA Inspectors. SPCA warns all dog owners to lock the windows properly to prevent pets from jumping outside.

SPCA inspectors received a call from a member of the public regarding a dog being found on the window ledge on the 10th floor of a building. 3 SPCA inspectors arrived at scene and found that the dog was standing very dangerously on the window ledge.

As the management office was unable to locate the dog owner, fire services and police were called onto the scene to rescue the dog from the outside of the building.

SPCA inspector along with fire services took the scaling ladder from the ground floor. After much effort SPCA inspector was able to hold the dog with the dog pole.

At the same time, two inspectors proceeded to secure the dog from inside the flat and pulled it back into the building through the window. Once the dog was back inside, inspectors checked and found the dog was in normal body condition.

Source: SPCA and Apple Daily



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