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Discovery Bay Marina Club to close in December

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A notice was served earlier today informing members of the Marina that the club will be undergoing extensive repair, renovation and maintenance works at the start of 2019.

It is not clear what this means for the Marina in the long term, however it appears to have direct consequences for residents in the short term.

The statement reads:

“We wish to inform all members that the Marina will undergo extensive repair, renovation and maintenance works at the start of 2019 to enhance our services and facilities.

Members are reminded that all debentures and memberships are due to expire on 31 December 2018, upon which the associated licence agreements for berthing shall also herewith terminate.

Pursuant to the terms and conditions of DBMC debentures (“Debenture T&C”) and/or DBMC Rules, notice is hereby given to members that all DBMC debentures shall be redeemed when they expire and become repayable on 31 December 2018 and that all business operations of the Marina will also be terminated at 12 midnight on the same date. The Club’s related supporting facilities, access to the Marina and all other services will therefore cease accordingly.

Class A and Class B members whose vessels are placed or moored at the dry/ the wet berths at the Marina are requested to make arrangements to move their vessels and belongings from the Marina by 31 December 2018. Any vessels or articles left behind after the said date shall be removed and disposed of at members’ costs in accordance with Debenture T&C, DBMC Rules and the terms of the licence agreement for berthing.

Members are also required to settle your accounts on time and any outstanding accounts as soon as possible in order to ensure a smooth closing process.

Official letters have been served to debenture holders individually regarding this matter. For further details of departure arrangement, debenture redemption procedure or other settlement matters, please contact our membership department directly. If you are interested in staying in touch with us in future, please also let us know.”

Around DB has requested for a statement from Hong Kong Resorts.

Updates to follow…


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