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DBRC and Club Siena strengthen safety procedures following near-drowning incident

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Earlier this month, the DB community was saddened by a near-drowning incident involving a young boy at Club Siena. In response, the club’s management team has conducted a full review of safety procedures at both DB clubs and has provided the following statement to Around DB.

“We are deeply concerned about the incident which happened at the pool of Club Siena on 1 July. The management team of Club Siena (“the Club”) has immediately looked into the matter and set up further precaution measures to avoid similar incidents in the future.

“Lifeguards at Club Siena, as well as DBRC, are engaged through an external service provider and all of them are professionally qualified as required by the Government with [the] majority possessing 3 or more years of experience. The Club staff conduct daily routine checking and have regular meetings with the service provider. The lifeguard team performs drills regularly to ensure performance and service standards. The Club also has stringent service standards and requirements on the management of the swimming pool and the service partner is required to strictly adhere to the requirements.

“Immediate actions taken by the Club included further fine tuning of the posting of lifeguard stands, setting up an additional lifeguard post and increasing the number of routine patrols over the pools and the post rotation frequency. An in-depth review meeting with the lifeguard team and the service provider was held to reinforce the importance of safety and operation procedures. In addition, to reinforce the team’s emergency handling skills, a series of pool safety workshops led by a UK expatriate with 35 years of lifesaving experience will be arranged in July and August. Our staff will also strictly request Club members to follow the Club Rules which set out that all children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult and each adult is allowed to bring a maximum of two children to the swimming pool. Parents and guardians are advised to keep close supervision of their children at the pool at all times.

“We [have] kept close contact with the boy’s family since the incident and we are glad to learn that he was released from hospital last week.”

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