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DBIS students give their helpers the morning off

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In honour of Helper Appreciation Month, 102 Year 5 students (9-10 year olds) at Discovery Bay International School (DBIS), gave their hard-working helpers the morning off! On May 28, the children from all four Year 5 classes invited their helper to a morning tea at the school to say thank you and show them how loved and appreciated they are.

In preparation for the morning tea, the children designed their own invitations and thank you cards (in both English and Tagalog). The children were also busy in the kitchen baking and preparing their own homemade cakes, sandwiches and snacks for their helper to enjoy at the event.

A few of the children in Year 5 do not have an helper, so the teachers invited the DBIS general staff and amahs to the morning tea as well. The children were particularly keen to say a big thank you to amahs Yuk Jerem and Mrs Cheung, who tirelessly look after, clean and maintain the Year 5 shared area and garden within school.

“This is something we hope to do each and every year in Year 5, in order to say thank you to the women who give our families and school community so much day in, day out,” says Rachel Anne Ashcroft, the Year Group Leader for Year 5 at DBIS.

The Year 5 teachers were inspired by the The Helper documentary from 2017, which chronicles the diverse stories from Hong Kong’s migrant domestic workers, exploring the contribution they make to families and communities in Hong Kong in the face of heart-breaking separation from their loved ones. In the run-up to the morning tea, the children were shown clips from the documentary during one of their ‘Learning for Life’ lessons and given the opportunity to reflect and empathise with the many reasons and factors that contribute to the existence of a large domestic helper community in Discovery Bay. As a school that is deeply rooted in its commitment to serving the community, the teachers and children felt very strongly that they wanted to give something back and thought that a ‘morning off’ would be a wonderful gesture.

Photos courtesy of Claire Fraser, Highjump Photography

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