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DBIS Community Night School hosts Parenting with a Helper Workshop

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On Tuesday, January 26, Discovery Bay International School will hold a workshop on sharing childcare responsibilities with domestic helpers. The course is designed to answer common questions and offer tips on how parents and helpers can work in tandem to provide the best environment for children.

Helpwise founder Melanie Leung-Shea will give practical advice on how to instruct helpers on parenting preferences and clarify responsibilities, as well as how building a working trust with helpers can allow them to develop a bond with children that complements the parent-child relationship.

DBIS Community Night School is also hosting workshops in art, photography, music, multimedia, and personal development. The initiative demonstrates the institution’s commitment to working in partnership with the community towards Discovery Bay’s shared future.

Parenting with a Helper takes place next Tuesday at 7:00-9:30pm. Workshop fee is $300. Interested parties can register at http://www.dbis.edu.hk/465/community/night-school

Photo from Helpwise (www.helpwise.com.hk)


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