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DB tap water tested for excessive lead amount but all good so far

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After high levels of lead were found in tap water in Hong Kong public estates, testing was conducted in DB and so far, all results came back negative.


In the past two weeks, over 40 Hong Kong public housing estate residents have been found to have elevated levels of lead in their blood following tests on the back of concerns about water contamination. Tap water in 170 public housing estates in Hong Kong is being tested for lead to tackle a spreading contamination scare and reassure the public.

Recently, many DB residents have raised concerns about tap water in Discovery Bay. As Island District Council member (Discovery Bay) Amy Yung explains:

“The news in the past two weeks has been dominated by reports that the potable water supply in several housing estates in Hong Kong has been found to contain excessive levels of the potentially harmful heavy metal lead. Many DB residents are concerned whether Discovery Bay is also affected. Last week, I took water samples from different areas in DB and sent them to Hong Kong Productivity Centre for testing. They included water samples from Peninsula, Beach and Greenvale villages. Another one was taken from the commercial area in the Plaza.”

All results came back negative, meaning that no excessive levels of lead were detected in any of the samples.

Further samples have been taken from different residential areas and sent for laboratory testing. Results should come soon.


letter from Amy



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