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CY Leung takes part in beach clean-up on Lantau

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Hong Kong Chief Executive CY Leung saw the extent of the crisis affected Hong Kong’s coastline on Sunday morning as he took part in a government-organised beach clean-up in South Lantau.

The team, which included a number of government officials and department heads, reportedly collected 1,350kg of rubbish in half an hour at Shui Hau Wan.

Speaking after the clean-up, Leung said that the problem was a result of “special circumstances,” and attributed the crisis to heavy rain and flooding in mainland China. He went on to say that the government would follow up with authorities in Guandong.

According to a government spokesperson, 78,000kg of marine refuse was collected from affected beaches and coastal areas by government departments between July 1 and 9.

However the crisis isn’t over yet. Despite huge efforts to clear beaches in Discovery Bay at the weekend, fresh waste was spotted at Nim Shue Wan on Monday morning, less than 48 hours after residents had completely cleared the sand.

Environmental groups are now calling on Hong Kongers to change their ways and reduce their individual waste. In a statement yesterday, Hong Kong Cleanup said, “Our daily habits… generate the trash that then ends up on our beaches and in our food sources,” and encouraged the public to make a difference with their everyday choices by saying no to plastic bottles, packaging and straws.

For more information about further beach clean-ups in Lantau, keep an eye on arounddb.com.

Image: news.gov.hk

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