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Countdown to The BIG Picnic: Around DB talks to MKD2

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With just over a week to go to DB’s very own music and dance festival, Around DB talks to Lantau-based band MKD2 as they gear up to take to the “big” stage at The BIG Picnic on November 5.

Playing for the DB crowd for the very first time this year, to say that MKD2 are excited would be an understatement. “The BIG Picnic is a dream come true for us. Since MKD2 got together, we’ve had our eyes on the prize and it’s going to be such an honour to play alongside other great local bands”, says percussionist and guitarist Sam.

Formed just over two years ago, the band is well established, but juggling day jobs and playing gigs hasn’t always been easy, with five of the six band members busy professionals working in the finance industry. So how do they juggle work, business travel and raising kids, and still manage to play late nights with the band?

“We sacrifice a lot to make it work. We’re in it for the love and satisfaction of it”, Sam shares. “It’s difficult to juggle. But, despite our schedules, we’ve done quite a few shows now and appreciate all the support.”

The epitome of international diversity, each band member is from a different corner of the world, hailing from Brazil, Canada, the Caribbean, England, France and the Philippines. Their music is diverse too, covering a wide selection of tracks from across the decades, from Bob Marley to Queen, Bon Jovi, Michael Jackson and Maroon 5.

“Our band members’ taste ranges from heavy metal to reggae and R&B, from the 60s to current day. That diversity is embodied in our repertoire which is definitely as international and diverse as we are!”, says Sam.

So what can BIG picnicers expect from MKD2 next week? “We’re absolutely going to rock The BIG Picnic with style. To complement the beach venue, look out for a groovy song that will transport our fans to a tropical paradise while sipping on rum and coke!”

You can catch MKD2 at The BIG Picnic on November 5 and also at the pre-festival showcase at Hemingway’s this Saturday, October 29.

To learn more about MKD2, visit their Facebook page at www.facebook.com/MKD2rocks.

For more information about The BIG Picnic, head to www.facebook.com/thebigpicnichk and look out for the handy festival pullout guide in the November issue of Around DB magazine, including the full line-up and venue map. You can also find it online.


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